August 5, 2021

Define Your Own Success with Sarah Haskins (S15E11)

In this Episode

This week on the IronWomen podcast Alyssa and Haley catch up with retired pro triathlete and Olympian Sarah Haskins. The three break down the results of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Triathlon races, and Sarah reminisces about the first mixed relay she did when it was introduced back in 2009. With over 50 career wins as a professional triathlete, Sarah is one of the most decorated short course professionals from the US. She talks about the pressures that athletes face, especially at an Olympic Games, and how we can shift our mindset to see success outside of just winning a gold medal.

Sarah had a prolific career as a short course racer in the US on the LifeTime circuit and other national race series. She talks about her decision to stick closer to home to race these draft legal events, especially after having children, and how she was able to carve her own path to success outside of the traditional ITU schedule.

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