January 14, 2021

Determined For Success with Alissa Doehla (S14E2)

In this Episode

Welcome to another week of the IronWomen podcast! This week on the show Alyssa and Haley are catching up with professional triathlete Alissa Doehla. We last heard from Alissa in December after the PTO Championships where she finished in an impressive 11th place despite crashing on the bike. She gives us an update on how her recovery has been going and we dive deeper into her long career as a professional athlete.

After college, Alissa pursued a professional running career then decided to take the leap into professional triathlon in 2017. We hear her take on the benefits of being a pro triathlete over a pro runner, and how her training as a runner prepared her for triathlon. Alissa also tells us about some of the strong and determined women in her family that inspire her to strive for success on the race course when things get tough.

Alyssa fills us in on her spring marathon race plans, and Alissa D shares one of her favourite marathon training sessions.

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