October 28, 2021

Dream Big with Ruth Brennan Morrey, PhD (S16E8)

In this Episode

On this week’s episode, Haley & Alyssa welcome back sport psychologist and former professional triathlete, Ruth Brennan Morrey, PhD. Ruth has a masters degree in Athletic Counseling/Sport Psychology, a PhD in Counseling Psychology, and a mindset coaching certification from Positive Performance Mindset Coach Academy. Since retiring from professional sport, Ruth has launched RBM Performance Coaching, mental skills performance coaching to help athletes build mental skills and character hardiness to discover joy, purpose, and true potential in sport and life.

Wanting to give back to her athletic community, Ruth describes how she shifted her mindset during the pandemic to use her extensive education to inspire other athletes to inspire others to dream big and find their own path. She explains why she believes it is important for athletes to make time for mentals skills training each day, just as they would for physical training. Ruth describes her three pillars of mental skills and the importance of building these foundational skills for triathletes. She also answers some listener questions, and tells us why we should all make mindfulness part of training programs now – not just on race day.

To learn more about RBM Performance Coaching visit Ruth’s website at rbmperformancecoaching.com.

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