September 24, 2020

Exploring New Roads with Imogen Simmonds (S13E24)

In this Episode

This week on the show Alyssa and Haley catch up with Imogen Simmonds, professional triathlete and 4-time 70.3 champion. After a breakout season in 2019, Imogen was set to continue her success into 2020, kicking off the season with a win at Ironman 70.3 Dubai. Although this year hasn’t gone to plan, we hear how Imogen continues to develop as a professional athlete despite the unpredictability of this season. She tells us how she is using this cancelled race season to explore around her home country of Switzerland and how she is enjoying the freedom to take on some big adventures on her bike.

Haley & Alyssa pay tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and we find out why Alyssa carried a quesadilla for four miles this weekend.

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