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April 8, 2021

Find a Way with Emily Ford (S14E14)

In this Episode

This week on the show Haley & Alyssa treat us to two awesome interviews!

First up is a mini interview with professional triathlete Beth Potter. Beth is a former Olympic level track athlete from the UK. She transitioned to triathlon in 2017 and has spent the last couple of years focussing on her swim and bike, which has paid dividends for her in triathlon as she took home a World Cup win in Valencia last year, and recently won the Super League Arena games in London. But, her triathlon success certainly hasn’t slowed down her running; this past weekend Beth ran a record-breaking 14:41 at the Podium 5k in Barrowford. She gives us a breakdown of the race, and talks about how triathlon and cross training has helped her stay injury free to put in consistent training.

In our feature interview, Haley & Alyssa catch up with Emily Ford from Duluth, MN. This winter Emily completed a through hike of the Ice Age Trail, a 1200 mile trail that winds through rural Wisconsin. Emily is the first female and second person EVER to complete a winter through hike of the Ice Age Trail. She tells us about the gear she brought along, where she camped, the challenges of winter through hiking, and her bond with her borrowed pup Diggins. Emily also speaks about being a person of colour and representing the LGBTQ+ community in the outdoor space, and gives us her tips on how all folks can get more involved in enjoying the outdoors.

Follow Emily on Instagram @emilyontrail and learn more about the Ice Age Trail at

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