February 25, 2021

Finding the Positive with Bec Clarke (S14E8)

In this Episode

The summer race season is in full swing in New Zealand, and this week on the show Alyssa and Haley connect with Kiwi pro triathlete Rebecca “Bec” Clarke. Bec has two podium finishes so far, grabbing a third place finish at the Tuaranga Half triathlon and second place at Challenge Wanaka this past weekend. Her career in professional triathlon started on the ITU circuit back in 2012, but after some time away from full time racing, Bec came back to pro racing in 2019 and took on the long course circuit.

Bec gives us some advice on how to focus on the positive when dealing with comments on social media, and tells us why it is important to her to have people around her that will help her keep a positive outlook. She also tells us what races she is looking forward to once the world opens up to travel again.

Haley and Alyssa take on the great debate of cycling shorts vs. bibs. Where do you stand? Read about the pros and cons of each here: https://www.cyclingweekly.com/cycling-weekly/what-are-better-cycling-bib-shorts-or-cycling-waist-shorts-464405

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