December 14, 2020

Goal Investments with Vanessa Foerster (Train Your Mind Mini Series Episode 11)

In this Episode

This week on the Train Your Mind Mini Series Vanessa is asking us what we are willing to invest to reach our goals. She explains that time is not the only investment that we need to achieve a goal; there are three other investments that are just as important, and the one that is most overlooked may not be what you think. Vanessa offers us questions to ask ourselves when figuring out the investment that we are willing to make in a goal.

Vanessa is providing IronWomen listeners an opportunity to deep dive into this at her Train Your Mind workshop: 5 Bold Steps to Set Goals You Actually Achieve on Wednesday, 12/30 at 4pm MT/6pm ET. Register for the workshop here:

If you have questions for Vanessa send her an email at and follow her on social @vanessafayefoerster

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