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January 10, 2019

How Hard Can You Go? – Anne Haug (S7E9)

In this Episode

We’re back this week with Anne Haug – ITU athlete turned long-course specialist – 3rd place finisher at both the 70.3 World Championship and IM Kona in 2018. Anne talks about the differences between ITU and long course triathlon training and racing, and how her race at Kona unfolded. Plus, she tells us why Germans are such strong cyclists, how she learned to swim at 19 years old, and her 2019 race plan.

Over the break, Alyssa casually ran a 50k and Haley swam 100 x 100. Plus, a mailbag question about indoor riding.

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Alyssa will send an autographed Smashfest Queen water bottle to anyone who can eat 12 Boston creme donuts in 45 minutes!

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