April 14, 2022

Norwegian Insight with Lotte Miller (Season 17 Episode 15)

In this Episode

How do we create a culture of camaraderie within Triathlon? Find motivation, while also not aligning our self-worth with our results? This week on the pod, Haley talks with Lotte Miller – Norwegian Triathlon extraordinaire.

Representing Norway in the 2020 summer Olympics, Lotte has been swimming at an elite level since she was 13. Lotte has most recently been recognized for the support she gave fellow competitor, Claire Belanger, at the Tokyo Olympics. In a video that went viral, you can hear Lotte saying, “you are a f***ing fighter!”.

Lotte discusses her perception of camaraderie in sport, and how she finds the motivation that she says she “owes herself”. Further, Haley asks Lotte about Norwegian sports culture and what it means to win.

Follow Lotte on Instagram @l8miller

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