April 7, 2022

On-Road vs. Off-Road with Samantha Kingsford (S17E14)

In this Episode

This week on the show, Haley and Alyssa talk with Samantha Kingsford. Samantha is one of the fastest elites in all of Xterra, winning three majors on the world tour in 2019 – and getting the Xterra Pan American Tour Title. She recently finished fourth in CLASH Miami after participating in the couple’s Triathlon.

Samantha talks about her experience starting road racing as an Xterra professional. While Alyssa and Haley make some good arguments – Samantha seems pretty set on off-roading. Further, she discusses what it is like to be a professional athlete in New Zealand during a pandemic and the horrors of a hotel quarantine with only 30-minutes of outdoor time each day.

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