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March 11, 2021

PTO Anti Doping Policies with Laura Siddall & Jocelyn McCauley (S14E10)

In this Episode

This week on the show, Haley and Alyssa welcome back IronWomen veterans Laura Siddall and Jocelyn McCauley. Laura and Jocelyn are both part of the Professional Triathlete Organization’s (PTO) Anti-Doping and Anti-Fraud Committee. They chat with us about why the PTO decided to outline its own policies, how the process is being laid out, and how members of the PTO can help shape these policies. The two also give us their insider sneak peak on who to watch at Challenge Miami this weekend and let us know where we can watch the live race coverage.

To watch the race live visit for more information.

Haley & Alyssa give their picks for challenge Miami. Alyssa gives us an update on how her stress fracture healing is coming along, and Haley hints at some early season race plans and we announce a new IronWomen sponsor InsideTracker! For 25% off go to

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