October 22, 2020

Racing the Elements with Lara Gruden (S13E28)

In this Episode

This week on the show Alyssa and Haley interview professional triathlete and fitness trainer Lara Gruden. Lara recently made the jump from ITU short-course racing to the 70.3 distance and did her first two long-course races on back-to-back weekends!

She tells us what went into her decision to race this new distance and how the weather extremes in Idaho and Cozumel made for very different race conditions over the two weekends. Racing at this new distance presented Lara with some new challenges. We hear what she learned from her race experiences, and also what her experiences in ITU taught her that she was able to bring into long-course racing.

Alyssa is back on the orienteering race circuit this week, and Haley tells us about her experience dropping off her mail-in ballot!

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