April 22, 2021

Stories of Swimming with Bonnie Tsui (S14E16)

In this Episode

This week on the IronWomen podcast Haley and Alyssa are joined by author and swimmer Bonnie Tsui. Bonnie’s most recent book, titled Why We Swim, is explained as a love letter to swimming. In it, she explores the history of swimming and our complicated connection to the water as humans. She details her own experience with swimming, and shares stories from the book that illustrate what so many of us love about being in the water. She also addresses the racial gaps in access to swimming, and chats with Haley and Alyssa about how we can work to get more representation of BIPOC swimmers.

Bonnie hails from San Francisco, and now spends her time swimming in the cold water of the San Francisco Bay. She talks about the exhilaration of cold water swimming as well as it’s psychological and physiological benefits, and she gives us some tips on how we can take the plunge into colder waters.

You can buy all of Bonnie’s books, including Why We Swim, as well as her upcoming children’s book Sarah and the Big Wave on her website at bonnietsui.com

Follow Bonnie on Instagram @bonnietsui8 and on Twitter @bonniesui

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