June 11, 2020

The Atlanta Tri Sisters – Julie M.T. Walker (S13E9)

In this Episode

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with triathlete and founder of the Atlanta Tri Sisters, Julie M.T. Walker. Julie talks about how she has grown the ATS group in the past 7 years to more than 60 members and how triathlon has made the women healthier, more courageous, more disciplined. Julie talks about winning the 2019 Spirit of Multisport Award from USA Triathlon and thanks the coaches and teammates who helped her get to where she is now. She shares her thoughts on how race directors can grow the sport by exposing minorities to triathlon and how the ATS group is diversifying the sport one family member and friend at a time. Plus, the story of her first triathlon, training in Atlanta, and plans for the future.

Haley attends her local rally for Black Lives Matter, Alyssa is baking her way through quarantine, and more #inspiredbyLael achievements from our listeners.

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