May 26, 2022

The Covid Woes with Sarah Karpinski (S17E21)

In this Episode

Let’s be real. Covid sucks! These days, it is not easy to get to the start line 100% healthy. Living within a pandemic is hard, and it can make training and competing that much harder. This week, Haley and Alyssa talk to Sarah Karpinski. Sarah is a professional triathlete (of course!), and someone that Haley and Alyssa would call a “long-timer”. Beginning her journey with triathlon in 2012, Sarah has worked her way up to becoming pro as of 2019.

Beginning a professional triathlete career only a year before a global pandemic is definitely unfortunate timing, and Sarah shares with Haley and Alyssa what the pandemic has looked like for her. Recently, Sarah had to pull out of Ironman Texas after  getting covid following Oceanside 70.3. Sarah talks about what it has felt like to not be able to train as usual, and what her journey has been to get back to her peak performance.

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