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September 3, 2020

The Path Less Traveled with Laura Nadeau (S13E21)

In this Episode

In this week’s episode Alyssa & Haley chat with rookie professional triathlete Laura Nadeau. Laura and her family are based on the Island of Guam, and she tells us what life has been like there during the pandemic. As a former soccer player, Laura explains how triathlon has continued to fuel her competitive spirit, and what motivated her to take her pro card and join the elite ranks. Laura is also a mom of two young children, and although she doesn’t fit the mould of a “typical” mom, she explains why she has stuck to her own unique path to pursue her triathlon goals.

Alyssa continues her recovery from her FKT success (#naplife) and Haley is hoping that summer isn’t over quite yet in Bozeman.

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