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July 2, 2020

The Positivity Balance – Raquel Torres (S13E12)

In this Episode

This week Haley and Alyssa interview Raquel Torres, coach and former pro triathlete representing the Dominican Republic. We hear the story of Raquel’s rise in triathlon to elite status as a teenager, her epic journey to train at the pool in La Vega, DR and her later introduction to youth coaching through Girls on the Run. Raquel also describes her decision to leave her executive job in banking to pursue a career in triathlon full time and the many factors that contributed to her decision. Plus, how she keeps a positive attitude and balanced life.

Meanwhile, Haley is binging PBS documentaries and Alyssa embarked on a remote “island” getaway off the grid. We also introduce our new sponsor Goodr and feature a special clip from a listener!

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