February 11, 2021

Winning Mindset with Meredith Kessler (S14E6)

In this Episode

This week on IronWomen, Haley and Alyssa welcome back veteran pro triathlete Meredith Kessler. Despite the rollercoaster that was 2020, Meredith was able to make it onto four race start lines. She tells us how she keeps her mind and body fit to race even on short timelines. Meredith contracted COVID-19 in November of 2020 and she talks about what her recovery has been like since then. She also dishes all the details about her Zwift Pro Series racing, and is inviting IronWomen listeners to join her Saturday group rides leading up to Challenge Miami.

Sign up for the MBK group rides at https://www.zwift.com/events/series/meredith-kesslers-road-to-miami

And get all of the workout details here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KyIkMOpMRADcFYDZtjwoxlYcxk7wqNS_8EPs-5Jy5aA/edit

Follow Meredith on Twitter & Instagram @mbkessler

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