July 7, 2022

IX: Pushing the Limits with Julie Moss

In this Episode

If you had to name one woman that truly showed the outer limits of female athleticism, who would you pick? For us, it’s Julie Moss. Best known for her “crawl” in the 1982 Ironman Triathlon, Julie struggled to the finish line only to be beaten by Kathleen McCartney. Her loss on this day made serious headlines. A woman wanting to win THAT badly? Her mental toughness and ability to endure were admired by many. While others felt as though Julie’s under-preparedness and desperation might turn Ironman into a “freakshow”.

This week, Ironwoman’s Alyssa Godesky interviews Julie and asks her about how this inaugural race changed her life. While Julie didn’t allow sexism to enter her sphere during this time, she does recall the gender inequality in terms of role models and representation. Julie reflects on the way triathlon has changed for women over the years, and where she hopes to see it go in the future.

Watch Julie’s “crawl” at the 1982 Ironman here!

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