June 23, 2022

IX: Setting Women Free with Bobbi Gibb

In this Episode

Many of us have heard of Kathrine Switzer, but how many of us have heard of Bobbi Gibb? For the second episode of our limited Title IX series, Sara Gross interviews the very first runner of the 1966 Boston Marathon. Bobbi snuck her way into the running crowd by jumping out of the bushes next to the start line wearing a bathing suit and men’s board shorts. And she ran FAST!

Sara asks Bobbi about her running journey and her passion for female empowerment. At 80 years old, Bobbi reminisces about the restricting stereotypes placed on women in the 50s and how she knew that she had to make a change. After being denied entry to the Boston Marathon by the race director, citing that women were incapable of running this distance, Bobbi ran 40 miles out of anger. It was at this moment that she knew that she had to run the Boston Marathon if only to prove that women could.

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