March 24, 2021

Keep Your Active Heart Healthy with Dr. Tamanna Singh (Episode 24)

In this Episode

Everyone knows chest pain is a symptom of heart trouble. What too many people still don’t know is that women are more likely than men to experience other symptoms like nausea or vomiting, unexplained shortness of breath, profound inexplicable fatigue, jaw or back pain, or no symptoms at all. American Heart Association data from two million people shows that not only are women’s symptoms recognized less readily, but also they are less likely to receive the same preventative care as men, and they get lifesaving procedures less frequently and later during the course of a heart attack than men. When it comes to exercise, our hearts even remodel differently than men’s. Yet many doctors don’t recognize these important differences. Is your head exploding yet?

This week’s guest, clinical cardiologist (and long distance runner and cyclist), Tamanna Singh, M.D., helps us cut through the confusion. Tamanna is a sports cardiologist with a specialty interest in female athletes. She is Co-Director of the Sports Cardiology Center at Cleveland Clinic and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University. Her research interests include comparing the effects of a plant-based diet vs. an all-inclusive diet on heart health and defining the ideal diet for optimal athletic performance and cardiovascular risk reduction. You can learn more about her at

You can find the cardiovascular disease risk calculator here:!/calculate/estimate/

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