August 4, 2021

Let Your Lifestyle Be Your Medicine with Dr. Melissa Sundermann (Episode 42)

In this Episode

Let food be thy medicine, they say. But don’t stop there. Let exercise and stress management and sleep and friendships and your whole lifestyle be thy medicine, too. That’s the basic tenet of the type of Lifestyle Medicine this week’s guest, Dr. Melissa Sundermann practices. It’s grounded in research showing how we live our lives has a profound impact on our health, performance, well-being, and for the purposes of this discussion, our menopausal transition. At a time when everything can feel out of control, it helps to “control your controllables” as they say. Dr. Sundermann tells us how.
Dr. Sundermann is double-board certified in both Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine and currently practices with IHA in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she is helping to launch the IHA Lifestyle Medicine Institute. She enjoys running, biking, hiking, skiing and spending time outdoors with her husband, 2 college-age children and 2 dogs. She is a 9x Boston Marathon finisher, 3x Full Ironman Triathlon finisher and currently training to run her 10th Boston Marathon this October at the age of 51. You can learn more about her at

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