April 21, 2021

Life Starts Now with Tania Dalton (Episode 28)

In this Episode

How many times have you pushed back a big goal until you got “fitter” or “leaner”? How many times have you looked at an exciting challenge and thought, “That’s not for me.”? Tania Dalton spent most of her pre-menopausal life battling with body image issues, disordered eating, and crises of confidence, which kept her on the sidelines instead of engaging in the sports and activities she was otherwise eager to try. Now at 52, Tania is taking on those challenges full steam ahead, training for her first ever full Ironman triathlon. At this point in her menopause journey, she is also finally, truly happy with the body she is in. She shares her journey to get to this point on this week’s show.

Tania is a personal trainer, healthy aging coach, and one of the original Menopause Feisties. You can learn more about her and follow her journey at https://taniadalton.com/

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