August 24, 2021

Lift Each Other Up with Jess Cerra, Sarah Sturm & Kim Rogers (Episode 63)

In this Episode

This week on the show Kathryn & Kristi are coming to us live from their Women’s Brunch the day before the Last Best Ride in Whitefish, MT. They first catch up with pro cyclist Sara Sturm, who went on to win the event. Also a finisher of the epic “LeadBoat” challenge last weekend, Sara chats about how she is feeling about the race, and what she thinks makes gravel events so special. Next, we hear from LBR race director, pro cyclist, and founder of Jojé Bars, Jess Cerra. We hear about the ups and downs (but mostly ups) of being a race director at a gravel event. Lastly, Kristi chats with Kim Rogers, the Director of Marketing at Pinarello. Kim fills us in on the path that led her to her position at Pinarello, and speaks about the efforts that she and the company have put forth to make an impact in the women’s cycling community.

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