February 22, 2023

Listening to Your Body with Yasmin Boakye (S1E6)

In this Episode

Happy Black History Month! This week on the show we welcome Yasmin Boakye for a super fun conversation. Yasmin is a Ghanaian-American cyclist, triathlete, and all-around badass from the Maryland suburbs of DC. We learn how Yasmin fell in love with gravel cycling through the All Bodies on Bikes SBT Gravel team, about her experience with the 1928 Legacy Tour, and learn about all the amazing work being done to welcome more Women of Color into endurance sports.

1928 Legacy Tour –https://majorknoxadventures.com/1928lt

Team Go Big – https://www.gobig.life/team-gobig

Melanin Base Miles – https://linktr.ee/melaninbasemiles & https://www.instagram.com/melaninbasemiles/

Sika Henry – https://www.sikahenry.com

Yasmin’s social media: @yasmin.thee.amazing and @thecurvyafro.vegan

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