May 11, 2021

Mental Health Matters with Dr. Ashley Zapata (Episode 53)

In this Episode

This week on the show Kathryn & Kristi are talking bike racing, mental health, and much more with Dr. Ashley Zapata. Ashley is a clinical psychologist that works with collegiate athletes at the University of Minnesota, as well as professional sports teams in the Twin Cities area. She chats about coping with the mental discomfort of living through the pandemic, how to create boundaries for ourselves and learn to prioritize our mental health on a daily basis. Ashley offers some important ways to distinguish between discomfort and anxiety when it comes to our mental health, and provides a few of her strategies to help us all cope with anxiety.

Ashley is also a member and co-founder of the Stamina Racing Collective cycling team with Dr. Erin Ayala. She tells us about how a documentary piqued her interest in endurance cycling, and how that led to her becoming part of a racing team. Stamina is committed to mentorship, development and accessibility in cycling, and Ashley offers her advice on how we can all provide our own contributions to make cycling a more inclusive space.

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