August 25, 2021

Raise the Floor & Break the Ceiling with Tracey Jacobs (Episode 45)

In this Episode

As women we hear a lot about “breaking the ceiling,” whether it’s the glass one that has hovered over us for so long or the self imposed one that we sometimes put overhead, limiting our potential. Well if you want to crack that ceiling, it helps to raise the floor—elevate the platform from which you’re starting by taking the best care possible of your body where it is right now, something that is especially important during our menopausal years. That’s where this week’s guest Tracey Jacobs comes in. Tracey is an elite bike racer, a certified massage therapist at her company Pure Massage Boulder, a cycling coach, and a nutrition consultant.

Tracey, 54, has seen the top step of the podium, including winning the 2019 Masters Colorado State Championship Road Race and Criterium events and being awarded Best All Around Rider for Master’s 50+ in Colorado in 2019…all after breaking her neck in a fluke accident in 2018. She talks all about her journey and how she helps others reach their potential through bodywork, mindset, and finely tuned training. You can learn more about her at

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