May 2, 2022

**REBROADCAST** Monica Garrison – Changing the Gears of the Cycling Culture

In this Episode

Each week on the Women’s Performance Podcast, we discuss the four pillars of performance, which are physiology, nutrition, mental health, and culture, while recognizing that ultimately, we can’t separate one from the other.

Today, we take this multidisciplinary approach with activist, entrepreneur, Mom, and cyclist, Monica Garrison. As Founder and Executive Director of Black Girls Do Bike, Monica and her team of “Sheroes” have amassed a worldwide organization of 30,000 members with over 100 chapters in the US and, most recently, in London.

While it’s wildly important to celebrate the fact that she is helping to get black women on bikes and identify as cyclists, it’s equally important to recognize how black women are shifting the culture of cycling for the better.

Monica and Sara Discuss:

  • Monica’s background as a photographer/videographer and how that influences her work with Black Girls Do Bike
  • Crafting the imagery of BGDB
  • How they motivate their children
  • The impetus for starting BGDB
  • The initial response from the industry when she started BGDB
  • Why it is important to have a space for Women of Color
  • Issues or stereotypes of black women that most don’t see
  • The valuable assets black women bring to the cycling culture and industry
  • Viewing herself as a serial entrepreneur – even with some failures
  • How she finds sponsors and supporters for BGDB
  • Personal cycling or fitness goals
  • Pressures she feels as the leader of this growing organization
  • Her vision of BGDB over the next several years
  • Advice for those of us who are trying to shift the culture and create a more inclusive space

We must continue to create spaces for underrepresented groups and, with people like Monica, we see a beautiful representation and the power of being that change.

About Black Girls Do Bike Founder, Monica Garrison

Monica Garrisonis the Founder, Executive Director, and Chief Storyteller at Black Girls Do Bike. She is tasked with fueling 100+ BGDB chapters worldwide and a network of 180+ lady leaders. She believes that the simple act of riding a bike can be a catalyst for wonderful, life-changing experiences for women of all ages. Growing and supporting a community of women who share a passion for cycling is her north star.

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