June 28, 2022

Recession Proofing (Episode 92)

In this Episode

The Outspoken Summit has launched!! New, improved, AND in-person! But that’s not all – to precede the Outspoken Summit, we are launching the inaugural Inclusive Sports Leadership Academy (ISLA). This is an intensive and immersive experience aimed at helping a small cohort of people really dive into diversity, equity, representation and inclusion. Over 2 and a half days, we will prepare folks with the tools to activate social change in their endurance sport organizations. ISLA is the first professional development opportunity of its kind in endurance sport and fills a gap in endurance sports leadership education. It will bring together endurance sport athletes, coaches, and industry professionals to explore diversity, equity, representation, and inclusion in endurance sport.

This week, Shaunna and Lisa discuss the benefits of this type of specific training for professionals working within the endurance sport field. As we prepare for the inevitable recession coming our way, now is the time to make certain that your company’s DEI team is up to date.

To apply for this year’s ISLA, taking place November 8-11th, click here!

To sign up to join us at the 2022 Outspoken Summit, click here!

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