October 20, 2020

Resilience & Self Advocacy with Aimee Ross (Episode 27)

In this Episode

Kristi is back! This week, Kristi and Kathryn sit down with Aimee Ross, Director at Bike Bentonville in the Mountain Bike Capital of the World: Bentonville, AR. Putting Arkansas on the cycling map is no small feat, but Aimee is no stranger to hard work and resiliency. With more than 15 years of experience in the cycling industry, Aimee discusses how self advocacy not only helped her progress in a male dominated career field but also how it also led to her diagnosis and treatment of not one, but two auto-immune deficiencies. Aimee shares how looking for opportunities to grow and working hard are essential to paving the way for our future generations.

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For more information on Bike Bentonville visit https://www.visitbentonville.com/bike/

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