May 18, 2021

Swipe Right with Josie Fouts (Episode 54)

In this Episode

On this week’s episode Kristi & Kathryn are chatting with cyclist and US Paralympic hopeful Josie Fouts. Josie tells us about the first date that got her interested in cycling, and how that eventually led to her leaving her full time job as a microbiome lab manager to pursue a full-time career as a cyclist.

After racing at the Para Pan Am Games in 2019 Josie realized her bike handling skills needed some work, so she took to the dirt and started gravel riding. She tells us why going gravel has helped her push to a new level in cycling and taught her to listen to her body. Josie also dives into how riding dirt allows her to continue to evolve as a cyclist as well as an advocate, and tells us about her mission to get mountain biking into the Paralympic Games.

Follow Josie on Instagram @ms.stubbornness and watch her documentary “Go Josie” on YouTube at

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