October 27, 2022

The Business of Fitness – Managing a Chaotic Life on the Road with Liz Walker, Liv Racing Team Manager (Episode 33) – The Feisty Women’s Performance Podcast

In this Episode

How do you manage the work-life balance when your job requires you to be traveling constantly? This week, Molly chats with Liz Walker – the Liv Racing team manager and overall cycling enthusiast. In this fast-paced role, Liz is always on the go.

Beginning her journey with Liv Cycling as a technical representative driving around the US in a Sprinter van, Liz got a taste of where she wanted to go with this company. Now, Liz manages a team of 12-18 people, coordinates their travel, deals with immigration, and all of the other logistics that go along with this. Liz shares her “on-the-go” tools for success – from how she manages her email inbox, to how she travels light, and, of course, Molly asks all of the detailed questions.

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