August 25, 2020

The Hustle with Jess Cerra (Episode 21)

In this Episode

This week Kathryn and Kristi catch up with professional cyclist, chef, and entrepreneur Jess Cerra. We hear how a grad school lab experiment catapulted Jess into a professional cycling career, and she tells us about the challenges of making ends meet as a female professional cyclist. Jess gives us the inside scoop of how experimenting in the kitchen to find the best ride snacks led to a successful business that now helps support her cycling career, and shares some delicious real-food nutrition hacks for fueling on and off the bike. Like so many others, 2020 has pushed Jess to change her race plans, but she tells us how this has allowed her to jump head first into the wonderful world of gravel racing.

Kristi fills us in with an update on the DK name change process, and Kathryn is finally getting out of “Hot-lanta” for some family time in the PNW.

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