September 27, 2022

The Inclusion Critic (Episode 102)

In this Episode

Doesn’t inclusion mean including everyone regardless of their perspective? So, what do we do when people who express exclusive positions argue we are no longer walking the talk because we exclude them?

These challenges to inclusion initiatives continue to present struggles for DEI work. Folks with perspectives such as, “you get to have an all-black student club, we get an all-white student club”, or “based on my religion, I don’t agree with gay marriage, so I won’t make a cake for a queer couple” argue that inclusion should mean honoring and respecting their opinion.

How do inclusion advocates navigate their message of inclusion while simultaneously excluding people who have an exclusive perspective? Engaging in these discussions can be tricky to handle, and this week, Shaunna and Lisa put some tools in your toolbox to navigate the waters of the inclusion critic. Shaunna and Lisa put some tools in your toolbox to navigate the diluted waters of the inclusion critic.

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