June 9, 2022

Trailer: IX Voices for Title IX Powered by InsideTracker

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Feisty Media Presents: IX Voices for Title IX Powered by InsideTracker. Listen to this trailer, where Sara and Selene tell us what to expect for this exclusive series. To be released on June 16th, just days before the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the series will investigate the ways in which Title IX did and did not represent a cultural shift for women in sport.

The nine-episode series will feature in-depth interviews with women who lived through the cultural shift that Title IX represented, including icons like Joan Benoit, the first winner of the women’s Olympic marathon; Marianne Martin, the first woman to win the Tour De France Feminine; Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon; as well as athletic directors and athletes who continue to press for change today.

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