February 16, 2021

Trans Rockies Riding with Krista Turcasso (Episode 41)

In this Episode

This week on the Girls Gone Gravel podcast, the ladies sit down with Scott Bikes athlete Krista Turcasso. Krista discusses how she finds balance racing and training for multi-day endurance events with motherhood and being an entrepreneur. This summer she will be racing the Trans Rockies Gravel Royale on her Contessa Addict, and she gives us a sneak peal of what this awesome course will hold.

The Trans Rockies Gravel Royale has reserved half of the early bird entries for women! Register now at transrockies.com

Visit Krista magazine, Fernie Fix at https://www.ferniefix.com or connect with Krista on Instagram at @kturcasso or on Facebook at Krista Turcassco.

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