September 1, 2021

When Cancer Enters the Equation with Dr. Corinne Menn (Episode 46)

In this Episode

Medical menopause can be intense. If you’re a cancer survivor, you may have multiple rounds with menopause. You may go through premature menopause or have menopause symptoms related to chemotherapy and/or other drug treatments and then go through it again either naturally or should you need surgery or other treatments later on. It can all be complicated, confusing, challenging, and scary. Being an active woman helps with symptom management, but there’s more you can do to get through and manage your symptoms (as well as future risk) to live your fullest life.

This week’s guest Dr. Corinne Menn is an expert in all of that, having been diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 28 and in the middle of her OB/GYN residency. We talk about how to manage medical and/or surgical menopause, as well as genetic testing for breast cancer; finding active, supportive communities like the Young Survival Coalition; managing menopause when you’re at risk for breast cancer, and more. Now a 19 year survivor, Dr. Menn has dedicated her practice to gynecology only, with a focus on wellness and preventative care. You can learn more about her and her practice at and the Young Survival Coalition at

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