September 22, 2021

Wisdom From the Back of the Pack with Adina O’Neill (Episode 49)

In this Episode

Races are about more than winning. Competing is about more than podium spots or fastest times. Races are about personal bests and striving to be your best, whether that’s first place or 571st place. In fact, the person who comes in last may have overcome more, learned more, and grown more from the event than the one who came in first. This week’s guest Adina O’Neill, a self-described “back of the pack” athlete knows all about that. Adina didn’t finish her first triathlon until age 40. She went from not being able to run a mile to completing over 50 triathlons and endurance events including Ironman, a marathon, multiple 10K swims, and a double century on her bike. She has made it her mission to share how a “regular person” can learn and grow through the sport regardless of age or changes that occur during the menopausal years.

To help other athletes like herself, Adina works as an Ironman certified triathlon coach and founder of REAL Fitness and Team B*REAL, which is a multisport team for athletes of all ages, sizes, and abilities. You Learn more at

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