May 29, 2024

Simplicity is King

By Carla DiGirolamo, MD, CFL1


This workout continues the theme of “time under tension” and we are again using static holds as a way to increase time in an active position. Why are we doing this so much? I asked my coach the same thing. The answer is because we rarely do these types of movements in our training!


In mid-life, the name of the game is well-rounded fitness. This lays the foundation for longevity, preparing us for whatever activities or sports we wish to engage in, and if you are a competitive athlete, building a strong base of overall fitness has the potential to level up your performance in your sport. I can’t tell you how many midlife female athletes I have encountered who logged their best times ever in their events during this stage of life.


Warm Up


5 minutes, easy-paced cardio movement of your choice (Run, Row, bike, machine trainer, etc)

AMRAP 5 minutes (As many rounds as possible in 5 minutes)


Select Workout Movement Options


For the cardiovascular portion of the workout, I would suggest either a run or a row. This is a SPRINT that should take < 1 minute. If running or rowing is not accessible to you, perform any other movement (like burpees) that will have you breathing heavily in under a minute.

Find your squat hold position. Ideally, hip/knee angle should dip below parallel, chest is up, position is ACTIVE – NOT sitting on your heels in a yogi squat position. If your range of motion does not allow you to sit your hips below parallel with the knee, place an object like a chair, box, bench, or medball and descend to the target, touch it and hover over it for the 1-minute interval.




EMOM 4:00 x 4 rounds (Every 4:00 perform the following starting on the minute. Rest the remainder of the interval.

1:00 squat hold

250m run or row (or, select a distance where you can sprint for about 1:00)

Alternative – 1 minute of as many burpees as you can possibly complete.

(Rest the remainder of the interval)

TIP: While in the squat, pay attention to your body position. Are your knees caving in? If so, keep your feet flat on the floor and push the knees outward. Is your chest falling forward? Roll your shoulders back, brace your core, and hold the chest up. Awareness of these ways to improve stability in this position will translate into stronger squats!


Cool Down


15-minute Hip-focused yoga

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