November 20, 2019

12 Best Holiday Gifts for Women Who Tri

Gifts that will keep her Tri-ing all year long

Written by Taylor Mahan-Rudolph

It’s that time of year again! We’re all scrambling to find a gift for that triathlete who has everything. And triathletes do have everything. We are known for our gear – and having lots of it. But this holiday season you can get the female triathlete in your life not only something you know she will love but also USE in the coming months for training all things swim, bike and run.

We’ve assembled this list with gift ideas from the sponsors who support us, companies who are supporting women in the triathlon space, and some other plain old awesome gift ideas.

The first stop in any triathlon is the swim. Try these items for a sure-to-please gift for the swimmer or triathlete in your life.

Form Swim Goggles:

The swim is a struggle for so many triathletes, but it no longer needs to be. Form swim goggles give you instant feedback on your pace, distance and time all while you’re doing your laps. No need to squint at a pace clock or check your watch after the set. You can get all your data in real time while you’re swimming through the in-goggle display.

Use code: IRONWOMEN for $20 off your purchase from now until Dec 14. (Code applies once per order)

Zealios Swim & Sport Shampoo/Conditioner:

Pool season is upon us and that means more days of smelling like a pool and even dryer hair, skin and nails during the winter months. With Zealios shampoo & conditioner, you can counter the effects of the pool with the brand used by the top pros at Kona.

Use code: IRONWOMEN for 20% off your online order.

LiveFeisty Sweats & Beanie:

We all know the feeling coming out of the pool on a cold winter day and pretty much high-tailing it to the car! These LiveFeisty sweats & beanie are perfect for layering up post swim or just curling up on the couch.

Coeur Sports Wet Gear Pouch:

The perfect bag for post swim towels, bathing suits or just sweaty kits. A great item to throw in your gear bag and be thankful you did when you’re heading off to work!

Triathletes spend most of their time on land – exploring the roads, trails and mountains on foot or with the aid of two wheels. If your triathlete already has the essentials (bike, helmet, running shoes) these gifts should help keep her moving throughout the season.

Nuun Endurance:

Every triathlete knows fueling is key and for those long trainer rides you need a product with both calories and electrolytes that tastes great! Nuun Endurance is specifically made with female athletes in mind as it was formulated in consultation with sports physiologist Dr. Stacy Sims.

Use code: IRONWOMEN for 30% off your order online.

Smashfest Queen Fast n Loud Aero Top

This classic-print, aerodynamic & lightweight jersey comes with elbow-length sleeves and can be worn for improved aerodynamics and sun protection out on the roads. The Fast n Loud kit will remind her to go hard on race day and she’ll look great doing it! Bonus points for buying the matching Tri Shorts.

Use code: IRONWOMEN for $10 off orders of $100+.

Wahoo Fitness KICKR Bike

Forget the diamonds – she’ll love the best stationary bike in the industry.) Wahoo’s latest innovation is the most immersive indoor riding experience. The KICKR bike is completely customizable to match your bike’s fit and also replicates the feeling of riding outdoors with it’s resistance (including downhill!) capabilities.

Velofix Tune-up:

A gift of necessity and convenience! Bikes need maintenance but unfortunately that can take a bit of time and energy to coordinate in our busy schedules. Velofix has the answer – they will come directly to you with their mobile bike shop on wheels. You can learn more about your service or just drop your bike off and go about your day. A great asset for days when you just can’t make it to the bike shop.

Use code “Feisty” to get a major tune-up for the price of a minor tune (average savings of $40 depending on location).

When the training is done, it’s time to relax! Try these gifts for everyday life and post-training bliss.

LiveFeisty Mug & Phone Case:

Everyone’s life could use a bit more feisty. Now you can take those #feisty vibes with you wherever you go! Our LiveFeisty phone case and mug are a reminder to always live to your feistiest.

Injinji Compression Socks:

Being a triathlete means you use your legs, a lot. During those peak training weeks nothing feels better than lounging around on the couch (or doing errands) in the comfort of compression socks. Try these Injinji toe socks for the ultimate in comfort and recovery aid.

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