Video by endurancebiz | text by Ellen Pennock

Video published August 4 2020

Dr Sara Gross and Dr Lisa Ingarfield, co-founders of the Outspoken: Women in Triathlon Summit speak with Gary Roethenbaugh from Endurance about a number of social issues impacting endurance sport.

The conversation starts off with a discussion on the opportunities for a “social reset” sparked from a global health crisis. Sara provides a feisty response (6:30) by saying how it is upsetting that it took a pandemic for society to realize it needs social change. She is hopeful that COVID-19 will provide the impetus required to push society towards a more equitable world.

Gary asks Sara and Lisa how the triathlon industry can break down barriers to access (9:15). Lisa explains how a person’s identity in the world affects their experience in triathlon and that greater diversity in leadership is needed to develop policies from multiple lenses. Sara explains why social issues, such as racism and sexism, are institutionalized, and why individualism is problematic in our understanding of these issues. 

The trio discuss the upcoming Outspoken Summit Awards (23:45). The awards have made some changes this year including a virtual format and the introduction of a selection committee. You can learn more about the Outspoken Awards here

Lastly, Gary, Lisa and Sara discuss the financial challenges facing endurance sport (26:30) and whether the endurance sport industry will survive the current economic climate.