Women’s Performance Summit

At the Women’s Performance Summit you’ll get 3 days of education, demonstrations, and inspiration from top-of-the-class, vetted professionals who will provide you with the knowledge you need to reach your goals.

Enough of the predatory bullshit. The “women’s market” is now a target for fad diets, miracle workouts, and the usual shrink it and pink it marketing bunk. We aren’t having it. This is our time to learn, grow, and thrive. It’s not about standing on a podium (although some of us will), it’s about being able to do the things we love throughout our life.

March 25-27, 2022 | Session Replays Available

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Feisty Menopause Summit

Menopause is having a moment. Active menopausal women are having a moment. We are taking that moment and making a movement for active, performance-minded women who are not willing to stop just because their periods are. The Feisty Menopause Summit is the place to find the information you need for optimal health and performance during the menopause transition and beyond–along with a feisty community to go along with it.

September 24-26, 2021 | 2022 Date To Be Announced Soon

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Feisty Media and Compete Sports Diversity Council have partnered to launch Legacy to connect people who care about women’s sports from across industries. Legacy aims to move the dial towards full gender equity in sports by creating meaningful networking and educational opportunities to ensure that women of all identities are represented at every level of sports leadership: from athlete to industry, to race directors and event owners

2022 Date To Be Announced Soon

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Gone Graveling: Women’s Gravel Festival

It’s not a race… That’s right. There are no timed events, no starting lines, no race numbers, and no lines for the last nervous portapotty pee…but there will be some sweet swag! The Gone Graveling Festival is a fun and safe space for women to connect, learn and ride. Over the course of three days, we have educational clinics, group rides, and community gatherings (aka – parties!). You’ll get to meet other rad women who love gravel riding and experience one of the best bike towns in the country!

April 28 – May 1, 2022 | 2023 Date Coming Soon

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Outspoken Summit

If you care about women or diversity in endurance sports, the Outspoken Summit is the place for you! Whether you’re a business owner, an industry professional, or a community leader, we’ve designed this summit to give you tangible tools to reach your goals. It’s not a weekend full of rah-rah talks (although we love to rah, so we’ll have some), it’s a gathering for you to connect with the right information and right people to succeed.

November 11-13, 2022 | Tempe, AZ

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