February 8, 2023

116: Dying to Be Enough with Kristin DiDomenico

In this Episode

Do you struggle with feeling you’re not enough? Fit enough? Successful enough? Lean enough? Enough, enough, enough. By the time we reach menopause, many of us have spent years, even decades, of our lives chasing enough. And, as this week’s guest, coach, trainer, and athlete Kristin DiDomenico knows, that relentless pursuit of perfection can take us down some pretty dark roads including addiction, eating disorders, and sometimes much worse. Kristin shares her own personal journey through all of it and what she learned after an extraordinary episode during a 10 mile race made her re-evaluate what matters most.

Kristin DiDomenico is a certified integrative health and nutrition coach and personal trainer with an expertise in women’s hormone health. Kristin’s mission is to help women navigate the menopause transition and find relief, healing and fulfillment with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. For more than 25 years, she has been creating personalized health and fitness programs and helping women reclaim their strength, joy and well-being. She is also the author of Dying to Be Enough, her personal story of navigating life, death and learning to live in between. Follow her on instagram @kristinfitness to get her menopause tips, recipes and workouts. Learn more about her coaching programs at kristinfitness.com and menopausepartner.com.

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