May 16, 2023

141: Live from the Gone Graveling Festival (Episode 141)

In this Episode

This week we are coming to you live from the Gone Gravelin’ Festival in Bentonville, AR. Whether you were at the festival and want to relive the memories, or had to miss out and want a behind-the-scenes look, this episode has it all. We hear from chef Biju Thomas, about how he keeps groups of 300+ athletes happy and fed at outdoor events. Next up is Cait Dumas-Hein of Grounded Nebraska. Cait chats about her collaboration with All Bodies on Bikes, and gives us the inside scoop on her “summer camp for adults” event. You can learn more about Grounded Nebraska at their website . Then we hear from Jess Cera, pro cyclist and founder of GGG favorite, Jojé Bars. She fills us in on the highlights from her advanced rider workshop. The Gone Gravelin’ festival wouldn’t happen without our volunteers. We hear from Susan Nash, one of the festival volunteers about what it’s like to get a real behind-the-scenes experience. Next Kathryn chats with Lauren Pickman of Women of OZ, and we hear about the group rides that Women of Oz hosts as well as the event that they have coming up this fall. Then we head over to the event expo to chat with Cycling Out Loud founder Lekisha Hamilton. She tells us what prompted her to start her own women’s cycling clothing brand, and what changes she is making in the cycling apparel space. Lastly, Kristi catches up with Libby and Saskia, two festival attendees, to hear about their favorite parts of the weekend.

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