June 20, 2023

147: Rip Up the Script with Kristen Legan (Episode 146)

In this Episode

Racing 350 miles across the flint hills of Kansas is no easy feat. This week we have the privilege of hearing from the woman who did it the fastest in 2023, Kristen Legan. This was Kristen’s third time toeing the line at the Unbound XL, and her first win at the event. She tells us about her race, and how she managed to keep her mindset steady throughout the day despite dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of this epic adventure. Kristen first raced at Unbound in 2013 in the 200 mile distance, and she reflects on how the women’s field has grown and evolved in the last decade.

As both a coach and an athlete, Kristen offers her insight on how to keep moving forward when your day isn’t going as planned, and also when it’s ok (and how to know when) to pull the pin on a bad day. You can learn more about Kristen’s coaching services on her website rambleur.com and follow her on Instagram @kplegan

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