May 23, 2022

15: Jennifer Schmidt – Unlock Your Limitations

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Imagine this…you are 14 years old and you start to feel exhausted, nauseous and dizzy, all of the time. The doctors can’t figure out why. Finally, a naturopath tells you that your stomach is filled with alcohol. Turns out – an overproduction of yeast in your system has been making you drunk and hungover for an entire year. This is the experience that prompted Jennifer Schmidt, to become a health coach and recreational therapist for athletes.

This week, Sara talks to Jennifer about a holistic approach to wellness, and how this approach can help her clients reach peak performance. Tackling mental health as well as physical health, Jennifer deciphers the mindsets that can affect physiology and gives practical techniques to manage the stress involved in sports performance. Jennifer even conducts a mini-session on Sara, to show what recreational therapy can do for athletes.

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