October 25, 2023

151: The Power of Play & Parkour During Menopause with Penny Szentkuti & Rachel Gray

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When we reach menopause and midlife, we’re sometimes leery of trying new things. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves. We feel afraid. We don’t want to get hurt. Whether hormonal, societal, or a blend of both, we can easily succumb to the urge to stay on the sidelines. But the real magic happens when you jump (maybe literally) into something new, especially an activity that builds skill, confidence, and a community of like-minded women who want to break expectations. For this week’s guests, that activity has been parkour, a practice that involves maneuvering over, under, and through obstacles, which has given them both a newfound sense of power and strength, as well as play and fun. They talk all about their path to parkour and how much it’s improved their lives in this week’s show.

Penny Szentkuti, 53, is a teacher librarian at Ascham School in Edgecliff, Sydney, Australia and is a mother of two (which is how she got into parkour in the first place). You can see her parkour in action on Instagram here. Rachel Gray, 48, is an early childhood educator, running Outdoor Playgroups. She is a mother of three active children (which is how she, too, got into parkour). They both practice parkour at AAPES (Australian Academy of Parkour, Exercise and Self-Defence).


Parkour, skydiving, wing foiling — women over 50 are finding freedom in adventure sports, ABC.net.au feature here.

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