November 15, 2023

154: Spiritual Fitness in Midlife & Menopause with Anne Alexander

In this Episode

We exercise and train for hours each week (and sometimes each day) to build our physical fitness. We work on our mental toughness. But how much time do we devote to our spiritual fitness? To exercising our soul? For many of us it’s not so much. And we can suffer for it, getting lost, sad, and stuck, especially during menopause and midlife when we can find ourselves looking around going, “Is this it?” “What’s it all about?” This week we plug into our inner selves for a little tune up with longtime yoga practitioner, best-selling health and fitness writer, and now interfaith minister Anne Alexander, as we explore how to expand our purpose and passion in this next chapter of our lives.

Anne Alexander is a longtime yogi, writer, and newly ordained interfaith minister with a passion for making the frontiers of health, science, and spirituality irresistibly interesting and surprisingly practical. Author of two New York Times best-sellers, former SVP/Editorial Director at National Geographic, and founder of SoulCandy, Anne brings decades of training in Iyengar, hatha and jnana/wisdom yoga and a deep understanding of ancient spiritual wisdom traditions to helping people find peace, discover their purpose, and experience their power, especially at mid-life. Her latest work, Wake Up to Love, is a practical and profound invitation to let go, lean in, and follow your bliss. You can learn more about her and her work at

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