May 30, 2022

16: Annika Naidoo – Building Trust in Your Body with Strength and Yoga

In this Episode

Okay. Take a deep slow breath into your abdomen… Bring your awareness to yourself and to your own breath… This is how Annika Naidoo tells us to begin using breathing techniques to work towards mindfulness. Annika is a master yoga instructor, health coach and mentor, and this week she shares with Sara the tools she uses for self-mastery. Struggling with obsessive training tendencies, an eating disorder, and feeling lost, – Annika went to India.

The duo discusses what Annika has learned on her journey to self-awareness. Using yoga as a way to find balance, Annika has learned to find stillness, quiet, and curiosity in her life. Of course, we don’t all have time to do yoga every day, but Annika still gives us ways to use the teachings of yoga, to find our “why”.

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