January 16, 2023

44: Queerness in Sport with Vikki Krane, PhD

In this Episode

In recent years, the media has depicted women’s sports as a safe haven for queer women. But what about queer men? Trans folks? Or gender non-conforming people? This week, we seek to understand the queer experience in sport, how it differs between various gender expressions, and how we can work to make sport more inclusive. To do so, Sara welcomes Dr. Vikki Krane – a Sports Psychologist and Professor of Sports Psychology.

Vikki chats about the toxic masculinity enwrapped in sport, and how this influences safe spaces for queer folks. Further, they outline how women’s sports need more resources and an overall cultural appreciation to come further into the mainstream. Finally, Vikki discusses trans inclusion and how we can work to make a new system in which segregation based on gender isn’t necessary.

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